Human resources make all the difference - this is not a myth, this is reality

The Empire Production recruitment agency is a team of professionals who are able to solve the problem of hiring and employment quickly and efficiently. We ensure the selection of qualified personnel that meets the needs of the employer. Strong positions of our competencies in the recruiting industry is contingent on a number of advantages:


A well-defined strategy of
solving various problems


High level of competence
in HR matters


Effective techniques of
personnel testing


Regular updates of an
extensive database


A prudent approach to
distribution of working potential


Complex solution of
HR tasks

Success of your business is in our hands

The efficiency of the work process depends on the competent choice of personnel. We will provide a stream of skilled personnel for a rapidly growing business, for seasonal or temporary work. Due to the quick solution of the assigned tasks, our partners are always provided with qualified workers.
Our goal is recruitment optimization. Strategic partnership promotes trusting partnerships and fruitful interaction.

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Advantages of a recruitment agency

  • Time saving
  • Warranty obligations
  • Economic benefits
  • Efficiency
  • Confidence and tranquility

All applicants are carefully selected (interview, aptitude testing). Where and how to find specialists who meet customer requirements is our main task.
Our people will enhance the competitiveness and productivity of your company.

Workforce rental

Many types of activities require specialists for temporary facilities. In our database there is a large selection of proven personnel ready for temporary cooperation. Well-manned construction crews with highly specialized experts are ready to perform tasks of any complexity. Workforce rental is the best method for hiring specialists for temporary tasks.

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