Reasonable approach means guaranteed profit

Staffing needs in many areas of activity tend to fluctuate due to various factors:

Seasonal demand

Rapid growth and expansion of activities

Increased production load

Modernization and refurbishment

Repair and construction works

Force Majeure circumstances

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Economic benefits

The Empire Production recruiting agency specializes in providing additional human resources. Staffing for the prompt solution of temporary problems is an economically profitable workforce rental.
Outsourcing is the rental of labor that relieves the employer of obligations and additional payments (sick leave, bonuses, vacation pay and other labor benefits).

Conclusion of a contract

The conclusion of a contract makes it possible to effect payments only for the amount of work done. The customer has the right to hire a worker for permanent service or replace him/her with a more qualified specialist. This hiring method helps to optimize the accounting and costs of an organization. This is an opportunity to staff with minimal risk and loss.

We will provide competent registration of workforce rental on mutually beneficial terms for both parties:

Legal support

Health insurance

Securing local approvals and permits

Assistance in accommodation of non-residents

Business entities can fully concentrate on solving production problems, and we shall provide the necessary flow of qualified specialists.

Personnel made available

To develop and increase the competitiveness of the company, a competent strategy for organizing the work process is required.
We provide tested professionals who have successfully completed multiple projects in various fields of activity:

Manufacturing and production

CNC operators, metalworkers, milling machine operators, lathe operators

Civil construction

Fitters, electricians, welders, plumbers, finishers


Servicing personnel and other specialists

Extensive base of specialists

The Empire Production recruitment agency has an extensive database of blue-collar professionals. Regular renewal and attraction of new applicants allows us to provide partners with the best personnel in the shortest possible time.
We will help you save time, effort and cost in finding competent specialists. Attracting third-party, experienced personnel contributes to accelerated business development and significantly reduces costs.

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